Calque provides competitive buy-before-you-sell solutions so you can:

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Increase volume

By helping your borrowers win with non-contingent financing

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Qualify more easily

By eliminating your borrower's first home from debt-to-income

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Simpler and safer

By avoiding complex and multiple loans for straightforward bids .

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Reduce risk

By providing your borrowers with a guaranteed back-up offer on their home

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Raise profit per borrower

Generate up to 2x the profit per borrower by adding a bridge loan

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Strengthen agent relationships

With a new solution that wins more deals and increases client satisfaction

"I closed my first Trade-In Mortgage transaction on Friday. The buyer thought it was too good to be true, but everything went so smoothly. In a short time, Calque has become a very valuable partner in my business. I am looking forward to closing many more transactions with Calque!"

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Denise Hosek

Senior Loan Officer, HMA Mortgage

We can help you win

    • 56% of your customers need their equity to purchase their next home.
    • Increase your purchase business by empowering consumers to submit competitive bids in a tight market.
    • Recruit and retain agents by helping them differentiate with a better process and close more deals.
    • Out-compete PropTech companies trying to encroach on your business.
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Calque removes compliance, risk, and pricing barriers for lenders.

Calque provides homeowners with a Purchase Price Guarantee on their existing home, which ensures we will buy it for an agreed-upon price if it doesn’t sell on the open market for more. This enables you to offer loan solutions that consumers love.


The Move Ahead Mortgage

You originate a non-contingent loan on the new home and remove the existing home from debt-to-income considerations. Your consumers make competitive offers, buy before they sell, and rest easy with a guaranteed backup offer.

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The Trade-In Mortgage

In addition to all the benefits of the Move Ahead Mortgage, you write a bridge loan or HELOC so your customers can use the equity in their current home through their lender to make a bigger down payment on the new one.

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Calque eliminates the duplicative costs and high fees associated with other buy-before-you-sell solutions at the problem at the root--the lending process.

Ready to get your customers into the game and winning with better loan solutions?

Why work with Calque?

We can help arm your loan officers with innovative products so you gain market share instead of losing it.
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Calque is not a lender

    • We compliment, not compete
    • We never originate mortgages to compete with our lending partners.
    • We never sell your client data or leads.
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Your brand front and center

    • Comprehensive marketing material that reflects your unique brand.
    • Front-line and training support that keeps your loan officers at the center of every deal.
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Secure and Compliant

    • Calque is SOC2 compliant and committed to data protection and transaction security
    • Fully compliant with TILA, Reg B, etc.
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Easy implementation

    • Proactively communicate with your loan officers through every deal.
    • No changes to your existing agents’ processes or commissions
    • You remain in complete control of your underwriting standards.
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Built to Serve Lenders

    • Our leadership team has 100+ years of banking and mortgage expertise
    • Consumers pay a fee to use our service, not lenders
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Better solutions

    • Less expensive than iBuyer and PropTech products
    • Don’t require duplicate sales or leaseback fees like PropTech products
    • Easier and more efficient process

How It Works

4 Simple Steps
  • Calque Issues A Purchase Price Guarantee.
      • Calque establishes the value of the departing residence and offers your borrower a guaranteed backup contract.
      • If the house hasn’t sold on the open market within the time period specified (up to 150 days in most markets), Calque will purchase the home.
  • You Originate The Loan.
      • You pre-approve a mortgage on the new home that is not contingent on the sale of the existing property, removing the departing residence from DTI
      • If your consumer is using The Trade-In Mortgage, you will also create a short-term loan on the existing home to provide the down payment.
  • Purchase, Close, and Move.
      • Borrower closes on the new home and moves in.
      • Agent stages and lists the departing residence.
      • If it sells for more, we return it to the borrower.
  • Sell Original Home.
      • Upon the sale of the original home, all existing liens are paid in full.
      • Your borrower walks away with a conventional loan and incurs lower fees.

"I am sold on The Trade In Mortgage! The program is a great way to get buyers into the market; it gives them a safety net. It is also a great tool to offer your REALTOR partners; their buyers are more competitive and have more leverage against other buyers...I am very pleased to be partnering with Calque."

Stacy Rogers

Stacy Rogers

Loan officer

"I currently have one Calque deal in underwriting and a few that should come in shortly. Calque’s purchase guarantee gave a solution to a problem past clients had. It enabled them to move forward with buying a new home and creating inventory by listing their current home."

Stephen Knorr

Stephen Knorr

Loan officer

"I had a client that needed to move quickly from Colorado to Virginia due to an urgent family issue. I presented the Calque Purchase program along with the bridge loan as a solution to their problem. They wanted to move fast...Calque offered a solution to a very stressful situation for my clients."

Wally Andrus

Wally Andrus

Loan officer

"I was referred two Calque deals from Calque. The realtors were excited to find a potential workaround for the borrowers so that if they found a house they loved, they could use Calque to get a non-contingent offer and a bridge loan to get the buyer in a new home before they sell the other...The realtors getting excited about the program I think really gave me an edge.

Lindsay Frangie

Lindsay Frangie

Loan officer